About the Writer

You’ll Never Know When He’s Coming…

But you’ll know when you he’s been.

Like any good food critic, The Man Behind Door 74 likes to keep a low-profile. After all, if the restaurant knows who you are then they’re bound to fix their plates differently. But what gives this man the right to swoop unannounced on the unsuspecting men and women of Britain’s Food Trade?

15 years working in the Food industry has battle-hardened this Writer and given him the experiences and skills essential to judge whether a plate of food is worth its salt or not. From the lowly ranks of a kitchen porter to the upper echelons of restaurant manager; Door 74‘s Writer has seen it all.

No eatery is too small to slip under his radar or too expensive for his pocket. The Writer loves food of all calibre, he holds every meal to the same exacting standard – regardless of cost or environment. Although he’s a great believer in the ‘dining experience’, he holds greater stock in the basics of good food, presented well. With that in mind, he is not easily swayed by gimmicks, fads or fashionable trends.

Although The Writer would like to travel overseas to visit other restaurants in the world, a commitment to the shores of Britain keeps him confined to the UK. However, after a bumper year for the restaurant industry in 2015 (eateries took over £50bn that year) it looks like new places will be opening up all over the country for the foreseeable future.

Let’s hope that The Writer can visit them all…